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#373254 -   Megan gazed over at James meeting his eyes with her own, seeing his friendly smile she found her self annoyed that she had these ill thoughts towards him, maybe it was just because he was black, she thought, kicking herself on how she could be so intolerant, “ OK James, id love to help you celebrate, just let me get changed and I will meet you at your apartment” she replied with a little more confidence and a warm smile. They both headed towards the elevator making small talk as Megan got out first giving James another view of that voluptuous booty he would soon have his big hands all over, “apartment 31, see you soon baby girl” he called out just as the doors of the lift closed. this white pussy loving black cock” he grunted out at her raising his right hand high up and giving her ass cheek a rough slap that made the young girl yelp in pain and excitement.

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