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#230746 - Then pour then each a glass and handed one to her. He paused and looked up and said, “Cum in my mouth baby!” Kountrygal replied, “Oh bite my clit harder! Yessss, ooh god, keep that up! Oh fuck, baby keeps going! Ooooooh, yessssssss, ahhhhhhhh, baby, I am Cumming!” Just as the wave of climax overtook her body, Duane rammed his cock deep in her pussy yelling, “Oh fuck, yesssss, that’s it Kountrygal keep on cumming! Oh yes, keep going just like that, milk my cock baby! I love the way your cunt feels on my cock. Their love spoke without words he belonged to her now.

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This was the first hentai that introduced me to liz and increased my love for goth girls eternally
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