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#205571 - Jonah:- You were having a nightmare, i couldn't watch you suffer She gave him a weak smile before throwing her arm's around him for a hug, seeing as he didn't hug her back she tried for a kiss and almost felt heartbroken when he pulled away from her before she had the chance to kiss him Celeste:- What's wrong Jonah:- Oh it's nothing, just had a dream last night, turns out you lied to me Celeste:- Lied about what Jonah:- I think you know, just incase you have forgot though, remember i'm going to guess two weeks ago, i apparently got stabbed but survived, well it turns out I DIED! Celeste:- Jonah i don't know what your talking about, you didn't die Jonah:- Stop lying to me, in my dreams i was back in the underworld, Lucifer told me everything Celeste:- Jonah.

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