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#88236 - ooooo! As this incredible restricted orgasm now released with her shuddering and convulsing allows this incredible experience to slowly run its course! The results has left her spent, helpless and very vulnerable under the bright light! The picture of her laying naked on the green velvet like pool table is both arousing, and corrupt as she lays there in totally and utterly spent sexual relief, withering around reacting blissfully to a now unrestricted climax she had wished, even begged for only moments ago, but never expected to happen! A woman like her so used abused and having her genitals raped, and sadistically tortured never thought that it would end like this? With incredible wonderful relief both in mind and body, was something no one, except those that have experienced something like this could truly appreciate! But it, and all that had happened so far this evening was not over yet,.

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