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#386426 - About a week latter there was a fair all of us decided to go, even Kim came with us, I invite Deb so she could get to know the family, we had food, drinks and pie, we went on the rides, played the games and had a ball, it was a nice afternoon of good American fun. and I know you’re hot and all the girls always like you, and my girlfriends always melt when they see you, I thought maybe If you had someone younger you wouldn’t need to go to Deb” “oh god” I said “sweetie it’s never like that there’s nothing serious going on between Deb and me and even if there were I would never consider leaving you guys for her , and it has nothing to do with her being young or anything like that, I’m not gonna leave you guys ever ok? Were a family” “you promise?” she asked with tears in her eyes “Cross my heart” I said “Now you understand that what goes on between your mother and me must remain a secret right?” I asked her “Yes, I understand” she said as she started to get up and put on her t-shirt

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Who is he
Azusa kashiwagi
Very hot schoolgirl