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#109603 - Last night I was used by my lover and a load of guys, tonight was going to be just as good I hoped, with more guys using my body than ever before, Lunch time the next day Francis rang, he was the very well hung guy who had fucked me last night, to say he was staying over an extra day, just so he could meet me again, so did I want to meet him tonight, room number and time was set, and I told him I would be inviting extra guys too, he was ok with that, and said that last night was great seeing me being used like I was, I had told Dave what happened last night when I got home and we fucked for some time after and he loves eating my used pussy too, making me sit over his face so he could eat my pussy dry before fucking me hard too, so when I told him tonight was on, he got busy calling guys, We drove to the hotel, hubby told me to go in first, and would give me 15 mins alone, I'm sure hubby pulled up away from the room, as tonight all I had on was a sheer see though dress,

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