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#396605 - I re-entered the front room and took a bottle of beer from the fridge and ran that up her legs and in between her thighs, this time she gasped and I saw her bite her lip and begged, “please stop that’s cold” and I leaned into her ear, breathing deliberately on her neck causing her further excitement before I whispered “Guess what it is, I will stop as I pressed it against her moist cunt and allowed a finger to “accidentally” brush against her, she lightly moaned and I smirked. Rachael sauntered into our lounge wearing her jeans and tatty white t-shirt with her headphones in her ears, clearly sweating from her activity in her room. I allowed myself a quick rub over my crotch as I approached before running the 1st object over her neck and down her shoulder and arm, she commented on it being a piece of fruit and I asked which one, “ a banana she said confidently and I stayed quiet and placed it back on the side swapping it for the cling film and placing it in front of her and said, “ You

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