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#342096 - Katlin woke up with a big smile on her face, she strethed out and yawned, she had just had the most amazing night with JJ, she climbed out of there bed and slipped on some loose cloths, they would do for now then she would make herself look more presentable for JJ, as she padded through the quiet corridors of the secret club she heard disstinct moaning, deciding to follow the sounds she found herself at Andrews slightly opened door, then i clear scream came from inside followed by male laughter, Katlin could not resist and had to peak in. Andrew walked through the streets, thinking to himself JJ had told him to watch his back, was that a thret of did he mean it, he knew the cops gave up looking for him a year ago, but still it is best to be safe, he walked the familliar road and into the side door od a tall building, suddenly grunts and moans could be heard as he entered another room to an expected site, a girl, gagged, blind folder and tied down with whip marks on her back and as

Read Spying LOYAL BLOOD - Bakemonogatari Seduction Porn LOYAL BLOOD

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